Michael J. Berridge has been awarded the Dr H.P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry and Biophysics 1994 for his contribution to the study of cellular signal mechanisms and the role of inositol trisphosphate in them.

Michael John Berridge was born in Gatooma, Rhodesia, in 1938 and obtained the B.Sc. degree from the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in Salisbury. In 1965 he received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge, and then spent four years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Virginia and at Case Western Reserve University in the USA. In 1969 he returned to Cambridge where he was appointed to a scientific position in the Invertebrate Chemistry and Physiology Unit of the Department of Zoology, now Laboratory of Molecular Signalling. In 1994 Berridge was made honorary professor. He is working as an Emeritus Babraham Fellow at the Babraham Institute.
Professor Berridge is a fellow of the Royal Society and has won many prizes and awards for his scientific work. These include the Gairdner Foundation International Award, the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award and the CIBA-GEIGY/DREW Award in Biomedical Research. He has given numerous award lectures, such as the 16th FEBS Ferdinand Springer Lecture and the Inaugural Albert L. Lehninger Lecture. He sits on the editorial boards of many prestigious scientific journals.
Professor Berridge passed away in February 2020.