Nominations are now being accepted for the Netherlands’ most prestigious science awards: the Heineken Prizes 2022. The deadline for nominations is 15 September 2021. Each of the five Heineken Prizes consists of a work of art and a USD 200,000 cash award.

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It started in 1964 with the curiosity of Dutch brewer and entrepreneur Alfred H. Heineken and his respect for scientists’ important contribution to society. The Heineken Prizes have grown to become an internationally renowned institution, with outstanding laureates selected by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The laureates offer new perspectives, realize unexpected breakthroughs and open new paths for others to take. Fifteen previous laureates became Nobel Prize laureates!

Elizabeth Blackburn, winner of the Heineken Prize for Medicine 2004 and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009, quotes thinker and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson:

‘Don’t be too timid or squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better’


The Heineken Prizes are intended explicitly for scientists and scholars who are currently active in their field and whose research still holds considerable promise for the future. The Heineken Prizes reward outstanding achievement in the fields of:

Biochemistry and Biophysics
Environmental Sciences
Cognitive Science

Who can nominate?

Both institutes and individual researchers may nominate suitable candidates. The deadline for nominations for the Heineken Prizes 2022 is 15 September 2021.

You will find the nomination form and regulations of the Heineken Prizes here.


Alfred Heineken (1923–2002) established the first Heineken Prize in 1964 in honour of his father Henry P. Heineken (1886–1971). His daughter Charlene L. de Carvalho-Heineken continues this tradition as chair of the Alfred Heineken Fondsen Foundation, which finances the Prizes.

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Previous laureates include: Bruce Stillman, Karl Deisseroth, Lorraine Daston, Corinne le Quéré and Robert Zatorre. For the complete list of laureates, see

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